Our focus is on how changes in the world economy and growing concern for the needs of the individual and the planet combined with huge advancements in communications and information technology effect the work place.

Your focus is on planning, discovering solutions and finding the exact resource you need to build or improve your working environment.

We all make decisions concerning our work place and these choices will have a serious impact how productive, healthy and happy we are.

Below are descriptions of the resource sections listed in the directory box at your left. These resources are concerned with helping you make educated choices when searching for solutions to new needs. We hope you find them useful.

Overview of Business Resources

Corporate Office Design: With the growth and changes occuring in the world economy combined with a growing concern for the needs of the individual and the needs of the planet - changes in how we work are inevitable and, in many ways, welcome.

Small Business and Home Office Design: To get the most from your work day, your home office needs to be organized at least as well as a commercial site. These resources address some of the issues you will face such as ergonomics, electronics and communications.

Government Agencies: It just doesn't make sense to start or run a business, large or small, without knowing where to get information and assistance and how to access the federal government; the largest single consumer of goods and services in the world.

Articles, FAQs and Guides: Not merely collections, these organized sources of information are very valuable tools in an age where information is everything. If someone else did it, why reinvent the wheel. Check out these informative articles, publications and collections of information.

Print Publications Online: Sign up for trade magazinbes and newsletters. Follow the trends and stay attuned to changes.

Executive Office Suites Index: Listing of locations worldwide where you can hang your hat, use the phone, send a fax, pick up your snail-mail and email, meet a client and get some work done.

Professional Services: The internet offers an impressive array of both FREE and fee-based services. Here are a few which we have found to be quite useful.

Trade Associations: "United we stand, divided we fall." Small businesses make up the largest block of employers in this country. You, too, can have power and influence if you join your colleagues. Sites offer valuable resources and information.

Career & Business Opportunities: No "get rich quick" MLM schemes here! But, there are quite a few services and web sites which may help you find a new job or channel your business efforts to attain success. Also, a few sites dedicated to ending scams and spams.

How to List Your Company or Organization in the Office and Business Resources Index
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