The Electronic Classroom

Success in the Information Age depends on knowing how and where to access information and what to do with it.

Educators are not just faced with preparing students for this new era, they are struggling with new concepts in educational technology such as distance learning and computer-based instruction. Not just implementation, but in their integration into classroom culture.

At WorkSpace Resources, our focus is on the physical learning environment where humans interact with humans, instruments of learning (computers, books, blackboards, etc.) and objects of learning (cognitive knowledge and application skills).

To be effective, as technology in education evolves and more instruments of learning are introduced, the classroom environment must evolve as well.

Overview of Education Resources

Teaching with Technology: The computer lab of the 80's with its rows of monitors and CPUs and miles of tangled cables is no longer an indicator of a school's educational progressiveness. Material content and integration of the computer as a teaching tool have brought us to the next level. The classroom environment and all the traditional means of knowledge transfer and skills development are changing.

Distance Learning Resources: Technology keeps redefining the walls of the modern classroom. The combination of interactive audio/video and computer networking will enable students to select from a menu of the best and brightest from anywhere in the world. The age of the Teacher-Superstar is dawning.

Designing Electronic Classrooms: The effect of the physical environment on learning has been an ongoing issue since educators selected appropriate shade trees or built a campfire. Satelite uplinks, microwaves and fiber optics and the merging of Television and the Internet has implications beyond both technology and curriculum changes. New educational design must include changes in how we build and use educational facilities.

Educational Software: Probably at the leading edge of change, software producers are the key to understanding how to build the classroom of the future. The ability of our most gifted educators to envision new ways to use technology to enhance teaching will determine how classrooms are used.

Educational Consultants: As they relate to design issues and the learning environment, consulting services are busy developing and helping to implement change. In addition to contact information, these sites offer considerable content as well.

Private Sector Computer-Based Training: With the growing need for retraining and specialized education, this area represents a very fast growing segment of the economy and a leading force in software and curricullum development.

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