Once upon a time, medical care was simpler and easier to define. It was also relatively ineffective, but that doesn't change the fact that today's healthcare delivery system is confusing and complicated.

Today, health and medical personel work in a variety of venues performing quite different functions:
A. Outpatient Care: Physician Office, Urgent Care Center, Walk-In Clinic, Staff Model HMO, Ambulatory Surgery, Oncology Treatment, Sports Medicine, Primary Care, Pediatric, Dental Office, Chiropractic, Podiatry, Acupuncture, Mental Health, Opthamology.
B. Inpatient/Residential Care: Hospital, Skilled Nursing Facility, Substance Abuse Rehab, Birthing Centers, Residential Care, Psychiatric, Geriatric, Hospice.
C. Other Healthcare Related: Home Health Care, Diagnostic Testing Center, Weight Loss, Holistic Medicine, Physical Rehabilitation, Radiology, Occupational Therapy, Laboratory, Clean Room, Pharmacy, Wellness Centers.

As a result, delineating and defining health care design as a genre is not so simple. We have assembled these resources to make your search for information, products and services more productive. Each of the sections is described below.

Overview of Education Resources

Healthcare Design Portfolio:
• Outpatient Healthcare Design: Over the past few decades, with huge advancements in technology, the growth in outpatient services has developed a need for more and more specialized furnishings and new approaches to facility design.
• Intpatient Healthcare Design: Correspondingly, inpatient care has undergone a major transformation. No longer is a hospital just a white tile, chrome and vinyl box, but now emphasis is on a more human level of aesthetics.
• Other Healthcare Related Design: With the growth in home healthcare and the emergence of a variety of alternative medical resources, new design forms have risen to give identity to these facilities.

Articles, Guides and Publications:
• Online Journals and Guides: Not merely collections, these organized sources of information are very valuable tools in an age where information is everything. If someone else did it, why reinvent the wheel.
• Print Publications Online: It would be suprising if the journal publishers DIDN'T jump on the internet bandwagon. A number are merely online subscription centers. However, quite a few -- and more each day -- are finding that the internet isn't just a bridge to their slick advertising venues, but a means and end in itself.
Associations and Organizations:
• Membership Benefits: Many physician groups, hospitals and other care centers take advantage of association membership to learn about new products and procedures. In addition, many organizations offer substantial savings on equipment by pooling buying power.

Consultants and Professional Services:
• Get some Professsional Help: If any profession understands the value of expert advice, it should be healthcare. There are a considerable number of consultants specializing in health related services including: Billing and transcription, Facilities design and management, Human resources, etc., who can help to make your working environment better for you and your patients and clients.

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