Our primary focus is on the environments in which retail and service personel work. These include (and may, in some cases, be redundant), but not limited to:
A. Retail Stores: Department Stores, Clothing and Shoes, Electronics and Appliance, Music and Books, Automotive, Sporting Goods, Hardware/Lumber, Furniture and Appliance, Crafts, Fabric and Sewing, Product Showrooms, Catalog & Warehouse, Food/Drug/Liquor, Optometry, Card and Gift, Housewares, Office Supplies, Florist and Garden Centers, Antiques and Collectibles, News stands, Camera and Photo
B. Wholesale: Showrooms, Supply Outlets, Distribution Warehouses
C. Shopping Centers: Enclosed, Strip and Urban Malls, Wholesale Markets
D. Service Centers: Automotive, Dry Cleaning, Beauty Salons, Electronics/Small Appliance, Wholesale Distribution, Package and Mail, Wholesale Distribution, Banking/Financial, Travel Agencies, Copy and Printing, Rental Centers, Shoe Repair Shops
E. Miscellaneous: Health Clubs, Real Estate/Model Homes, Trade Show Displays, Churches/Temples, Museums and Galleries, Wholesale Supply, Funeral Homes

Overview of Retail and Service Industry Resources

Retail Store Design: Stuff. We can't get enough of it. Few consumers realize how much effect the physical environment affects their shopping activities, but retailers do. Actually, it's surprising how similar retail stores are, considering how different the items are that they offer. It's a good thing, too. Otherwise, we would spend more time worrying about the purchasing process and less time shopping.

Mart and Shopping Center Design: Correspondingly, the environment in which stores and service centers are situated often determine the success or failure of the enterprise.

Service Center Design: When your stuff breaks or needs maintenance, where do you go? What determines your level of confidence and willingness to pay a little more for better service.

Employment Opportunities: Although mail order, television and the internet have had a huge affect on how we buy, the service sector is still the fastest growing segment of our economy. Not only are qualified personel needed, but training centers as well.

Articles, FAQs and Guides: Not merely collections, these organized sources of information are very valuable tools in an age where information is everything. If someone else did it, why reinvent the wheel. Check out these informative articles, publications and collections of information.

Print Publications Online: It would be suprising if the journal publishers DIDN'T jump on the internet bandwagon. A number are merely online subscription centers. However, quite a few -- and more each day -- are finding that the internet isn't just a bridge to their slick advertising venues, but a means and end in itself.

Professional Services: There are a considerable number of consultants specializing in retail and service industries: Cash and credit services, Retail store design and visual merchandising, Human resources, etc.

Associations and Organizations: Many retailers and service providers take advantage of association membership to learn about new products and resources. In addition, many organizations offer substantial savings on supplies and equipment by pooling buying power.

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